Win $10,000!

Win $10,000!

If you can unlock the Secrets of the South Coast we’ll give you $10,000 of cold hard cash. All you have to do is be the first to take a photo of each of the secret locations in the book and you get the cash.

It’s as simple as that. Or is it?

Explore the south coast of NSW and don’t be afraid to head off the beaten track, you never know what secrets you might uncover.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil settings this wonderland landscape offers.

Read between the lines and see if you can crack the cryptic clues in the book and ultimately get out there and experience this place for yourself.

How To Win

To enter, entrants must

* Identify all 50 locations
* Go to these locations and have their photo taken at the location
* Send their 50 photos, numbered 1 - 50 along with a corresponding list containing the name of each location.

Please send entries to

Win a Poster Print!

Another Chance to Win

Win a poster print of your choice for you and a friend. More info on our Win a Print competition page.

Secrets Treasure Map

Treasure Map

At the close of the competition we dont want to keep you in suspense any longer

The Secrets Treasure Map will be available FREE online

Discover all 50 jewels on the South Coast NSW for yourself

Key publications will be releasing the map first so stay tuned for information. Better still sign up for our newsletter for all the really secret stuff hot off the press!


Terms and Conditions

$10,000 prize for anyone who can find every location in SSC and provide a receipt as proof of purchase of SSC book. Files must include entrant in location of actual photograph from position of original shot.

Files must be supplied in RAW format. Family and friends of the creators of SSC excluded. Competition ends 6 months after launch on 26th September 2009. If no one gets them all the person with the most correct locations wins a prize.